Concrete Liquid Adhesive BC 45

BC45 improves bonding of concrete repairing materials, or bonding fresh concrete or mortar to hardened concrete. The product also makes the repaired concrete viable

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Field of Application

 Repairing damaged surfaces of concrete
Repairing and strengthening damaged structures of concrete ,
Repairing all kinds of damaged concrete structures such as buildings, dams, bridges, canals, water tanks, industrial flooring systems,
Decorating and performing all exposed surfaces

Properties and Effects

 Increasing bond strength of fresh concrete or mortar to the old ones,
Increasing integrity, reducing permeability and as a result increasing concrete durability in water and chemical solutions,
Preparing a homogeneous and even mix, and reducing bleeding effects,
Improving bond strength of fresh concrete or mortar to bars,
Having stable quality in alkaline,
Reducing contraction and water consumption content


Dosage rate of BC45 depends on the kind of concrete or mortar and its application
To improve bond strength of fresh concrete to old one on the site of joints, add BC45 by ratio of 1:1 through 1:4 to mix water,
To Repair all damaged surfaces of concrete, add BC45 by ratio of 1:3 through 1:5 to the required water content in mortar,
To repair damaged concrete structures and according to the kind and importance of structure, add a mixture of BC45 and BC1 by ratio of 1:3
through 1:5 to water content in mortar,
Reduce water content by the consumed adhesive volume,

Instruction for use

 To achieve optimal result, add the required amount of BC45 to water content in concrete or mortar then mix with dry ingredients of concrete or mortar

Technical Data

 Color: Milky
Physical state: Thick liquid
Density: Approx. 1 g/cm3
PH: 7
Solubility: In water
Chloride: Nill


 Storage: In capped container protected against air, frost and direct sunlight at above 15° C,
Shelf life: 6 months in original package,
Packaging: 4, 20 and 220 Kg drums

Technical observation and application

 The exact dosage rate may be obtained by trial mixes
Prior to drying, BC45 is soluble in water, and after drying is insoluble in,
To prepare mortar with high bond strength, use washed sand,
When simultaneous use of several admixtures in concrete mix is required, consult Research Center of Beton Chimie

Reference Standards

ASTM C 1059 type ІІ

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