Curing Compound BC 65

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BC65 is used for preventing the rapid evaporation of water content in concrete and providing required time and facilities to improve concrete curing.

  • Large volume placement,
  • Water resources and canal linings,
  • Concreting in hot, dry and windy weather,
  • Performing all pre-cast and cast in place concrete structures,
  • Performing roads and landing fields surfaces.
  • Providing a thin layer on concrete and decreasing the speed of water evaporation,
  • Increasing durability of concrete,
  • Reducing formation of shrinkage and cracks on concrete surface,
  • Reducing the effects of concrete contraction resulting from drying,
  • Concrete surfaces reflect the sunlight and prevent increasing temperature,
  • Preventing concrete surfaces from exfoliating,
  • Providing required amount of moisture and heat for continuing the hydration,
  • Having no harmful side effects on concrete surface.

Mix one part of BC65 with one part of water properly.

  • The prepared emulsion should not be in still state for a long time. It is advisable to stir well before use.
  • Use a pistol, brush to cover the concrete surface with prepared mix.
  • Immediately after the final finishing operation or a maximum period of 30 minutes after water surface evaporation, moisten the concrete surface then cover with BC65,
  • In the case of concrete molding, coat the concrete surface immediately after opening the formwork.
  • Color: Brown
  • Physical state: Liquid
  • Density: Approx.1.55 g/cm3
  • PH: Approx. 13
  • Solubility: In water
  • Chloride: Nill
  • Storage: In capped container protected against air and frost,
  • Shelf life: 1 year in original package
  • Packaging: In 30 Kg containers.
  • The exact dosage rate may be obtained by trial mixes.
  • Coating surfaces with BC65 must be applied immediately after performing uncovered surfaces concreting or opening the formwork. For coating again one surface which has been coated with a curing compound before, the surface must first be moistened then apply new coating,
  • To thicken layer of curing compound on concrete surface and preventing the rupture of curing layer resulting from vapor pressure, coat surfaces in two phases after 1 hour passing the first phase,
  • The resulting paint on concrete surfaces disappears 2 or 3 weeks after operation. Use warm water to wash the surfaces.
  • ASTM C 309

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