Epoxy Coating High Chemical Resistant BC54

BC54 as a highly resistant coating is used for painting surfaces and protecting them against corrosive chemical solutions.

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Field of Application

Resistant coating in corrosive chemical, alkaline and humid ambient,
Painting surfaces exposed to high temperatures,
Painting and coating surfaces exposed to abrasion
Resistant coating on all types of concrete, cement, metal, and wooden… surfaces.

Properties and Effects

Chemicals resistant,
Temperature fluctuations resistant,
Sunlight resistant,
Resistant and impermeable to water and moisture,
Highly resistant to abrasion,
Having a low thermal expansion coefficient,
Having a low thermal contraction without any shrinkage risk,
No crack because of minor surface deformations and coats hairy cracks.


  Depending on the base surface condition, one kg of BC54 will cover four to five square

Instruction for use

a) Base preparation
The base surface should be completely clean, dry and free from oil and dirt,
In the case of newly concreted surfaces, the repair operation or coating with BC52 should be made at least 28 days after concreting,
Old concrete surfaces first should be cleaned and prepared through mechanical methods,
Small surfaces first should be prepared through chemical methods and then washed.
b) Surface preparation
All surfaces should be prepared by BC52.
To reduce costs and the consumption of BC54, porous surfaces need to be prepared in two phases.
Highly porous surfaces must be prepared by other methods. In such cases, consult the Research Center of Beton Chimie.
If primer is used, allow the solvent to evaporate completely, and then apply the coat.
c) Mixing
To make a better mix, use Beton Chimie mixer,
Add components in hardener container to BC54 and properly stir up for 2 to 3 minutes,
d) Application
BC54 can be applied on surfaces using a pistol, brush or roller.
Note: to maintain equipment and tools, clean them with solvents immediately after use.

Technical data

Color:White, available in other colors upon request.
Solubility: In epoxy solvent
Density: 1.35 g/cm3
PH: Approx. 7
Chloride: Nill


Storage: In capped container protected against air and frost.
Shelf life: 1 year in original package,
Packaging: 4 and 16 Kg containers.

Technical observation and application data

Use BC53 (epoxy solvent) to clean your hands and tools,
The epoxy solvent can be used up to 10% to dilute the BC54,
BC54 can not be used on plastic, rubber, wet, oil and dirty surfaces,
To flatten the porous surfaces first use BC68 and BC69, and then coat the surface with one layer of epoxy primer and finally with BC54.

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