Epoxy Solvent BC53

BC53 is used to obtain a desirable viscosity and workability in epoxy two-component compositions. The product has the ability to clean up all the tools and equipment

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Field of Application

 Obtaining a desirable viscosity and workability in epoxy two-component compositions,
Cleaning up all the equipment and surfaces,
Cleaning up the surfaces coated with epoxy paint

Properties and Effects

 Increasing the workability of epoxy based compositions and admixtures,
Increasing the speed and reducing the operation costs


Depending on the type of the two-component product, it is used approximately 5 to 10 percent of composition weight

Instruction for use

Mix BC53 with two components of epoxy well to achieve a uniform mix

Technical data

Color: Colorless
Density: 0.88 g/cm3
Viscosity: 40
PH: Approx. 6


 Storage: In capped container protected against heat and direct flame,
Shelf life: 1 year in original package,
Packaging: 4-liter containers

Technical observation and application

 The ambient temperature for use should be 5-35° C,
Protect against heat and direct flame,
Do not close the product to eyes and mouth during the application
For more information, consult the Research Center of Beton Chimie

جدول 1- تغییرات مقاومت فشاری بتُن دارای بتُن شیمی BC7-AP2

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جدول 2-نفوذپذیری بتُن محتوی BC7-AP2 در فشار 7-10 bar

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جدول 3- میزان مصرف BC7-AP2 برحسب دمای محیط و عیار بتن

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