Liquid Accelerating Admixture (Shotcrete) BC 30

BC30 is an effective additive for accelerating mortar and concrete setting and hardening. The product is very usable for concreting and concrete repairing operations.

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Field of Application

Concreting in tunnels and galleries,
Water reservoirs and channels,
Concreting in gradients, bulwarks and revetments.
Concreting for repairing operation,
Concreting for blocking concrete structures on the site of water leakage,
Useable for producing prefabricated concrete,
Useable for digging soft ground,

Properties and Effects

Decreasing the mortar and concrete setting time,
Accelerating the final finishing operation and preparation of the concrete surface,
Increasing the concrete bond strength to wet surfaces,
Reducing concrete permeability,
Increasing the speed of cement drying reactions to compensate the cold effect,
Increasing the concrete bond strength,
Preventing from concrete freezing,
Economizing concreting operation,
Increasing resistance to water and moisture,
Reducing the damages caused by ambient temperature fluctuations,
Increasing the hydration temperature.


According to the conditions, consumption cases, and specially concreting, and different parameters like moister content on the site of base surface, ambient temperature, the water-cement ratio and concrete thickness, the dosage rate varies. On average, mix one part of BC30 with three parts of concrete or mortar water content.
Equivalent to the BC30 weight, reduce the water content in admixture. According to the cement percentage, required setting time and ambient temperature on the site of operation, use BC30 up to 2 to 7% of cement weight. The exact dosage rate may be obtained by trial mixes.

Instruction for use

The surface should be completely clean, firm and slightly wet.
After preparing concrete, add BC30 to the mixture, continue mixing to achieve a complete mixing then start concreting operation. The concreting pressure should be 4 to 5 bar

Technical Data

Color: Dark orange
Physical state: Liquid
Solubility: In water
Density: 1.6 g/cm3
PH: Approx. 12
Chloride: Nill


Storage: in capped container protected against air and frost,
Shelf life: 1 year in original package,
Packaging: 30 Kg drums

Technical observation and application

The exact dosage rate, concrete setting time and 24 hours resistance in a mixture of concrete and cement may be obtained by trial mixes and considering conditions and consumption cases,
The water-cement ratio should be lower than 0.5 and even lower than 0.45. If the purpose is attaining higher strength at early ages, the water-cement ratio should be 0.4 or lower than. If the water-cement ratio were low, the consumption rate reduces and it may be possible to perform thicker layers on ceiling,
If it meets eyes, wash them immediately for 2 minutes,
BC30 is sensitive to cement type. It is recommended to use Portland Cement. The setting time of this kind of cement is shorter than anti sulfate Portland cement and the natural cement,
When simultaneous use of several admixtures in concrete mix is required, consult Research Center of Beton Chimie.

Reference Standards

(ASTM C 494 (type C
(ASTM C 114 (type II, grade 9

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