Micro Silica Gel BC8

BC8 as a mineral additive with pozzolanic properties is used for producing highly resistant, durable and workable concrete. The product also reduces permeability of concrete by 20 times lower than the pozzolan concrete. It increases resistance of armed concrete to corrosive substances and chemical solutions specially chloride ions.

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Field of Application

Producing concrete with high compressive, tensile, flexural and abrasion strength,
Producing highly resistant and durable concrete to chemical solutions specially sulphate and chloride ions,
Producing highly resistant and durable concrete in off shore and on shore structures on the south coast,
Producing corrosion resistant concrete,
Producing concrete ,with less permeability .

Properties and Effects

Increasing compressive, flexural, tensile and abrasion strength,
Increasing resistance to thawing and freezing cycles,
Increasing resistance to high temperatures conditions,
Increasing resistance to defrost salts,
Reducing concrete permeability,
Reducing cement consumption and hydration heat,
Reducing drying shrinkage and creep,
Reducing the destructive reaction of alkalis to aggregate,
Reducing the carbonation and resultant shrinkage,
Reducing the effects of corrosive chemicals,
Reducing the effects of corrosive chemicals on armatures,
Increasing electrical resistance of concrete,
Reducing permeability of destructive factors such as chloride and hydroxide ion,
Increasing bond strength of concrete to armature,
Reducing joints result from shrinkage,
Reducing volume, weight, and cost of structures, and also increasing their durability and longevity,
Increasing elasticity modulus and the speed of pozzolanic reaction,
Reducing the concrete bleeding and improving pumpage.


Depending on the desired strength, durability or longevity of concrete, the dosage rate varies from 7 to 10% of cement weight.

Instruction for use

BC8 is used as a substitute for part of cement, containing Beton Chimie BC21, BC39, BC40, Micro Silica powder and other additives. After mixing dry ingredients and concrete elements, add the product to the mixture and continue mixing for 5 minutes.

Technical Data

Color: Gray
Physical state: Gel
Density: 1.45 g/cm3
PH: Approx. 10
Chloride: Nill


Storage: in a dry and covered place,
Shelf life: 6 months in original package,
Packaging: 280 Kg drums.

Technical observation and application

The exact dosage rate may be obtained by trial mixes. For more information, call research center of Beton Chimie.

Reference Standards

ASTM C 1240

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