Retarding Admixture (Powder) BC 25

BC25 is used to retard the initial setting as well as the changing

formation of concrete from plastic to solid state. It also increases

the final strength of concrete. Along with set retardation, it

provides easy concrete placement in project with special


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Field of Application

BC25 is recommended when ever
Concreting in hot, dry and windy weather,
Concreting with long distance delivery,
Large volume placement, with gradual and smooth setting, like
Concreting where slow concrete workability development, is
Average volume placement, like concreting in very big

Properties and Effects

The following benefits will be provided
Retards the initial setting time of concrete,
Increase concrete strength in the long run,
Reduce the thermal and pasty shrinkage of concrete, and as
well as cracks on the surface,
Creating good condition for concreting in hot weather,
concreting in windy weather,
Increase in the concrete workability.
The effects of BC25 on resistance of concrete to pressure are
shown in Table 1.


The addition rates will be up to 2 percent of cement weight. The
amount to be used will depend upon the required time for
maintaining the concrete workability.
Table 2 shows the dosage of BC25 at concrete temperature and

Instruction for use

First, add water to BC25, and then blend it with mixed ingredients

Technical Data

 Color: Creamy
Physical state: Powder
Solubility: In water
Density: 0.75 g/cm3
PH: Approx. 8
Chloride: Nill


 Storage: in capped container protected against air and
humidity, under the maximum temperature of 50°C.
Shelf life: 1 year in original package,
Packaging: 25 kg bags

Technical observation and application

 The specific dosage should be obtained through field
When it is required to use several admixtures in concrete mix
simultaneously, consult the Research Center of Beton Chimie.

Reference Standards

 ASTM C494, type B
ASTM 1017

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