Retarding Super plasticizer Admixture BC17

Adding BC17 to concrete not only hold the quantity of cement and concrete flowability constant, but also reduces water content in mixture and as a result the water-cement ratio (water reducer) and produces concrete with constant flowability and mechanical resistance higher than the original concrete (with no additive). With making the water-cement ratio constant, increases the flowability and workability of concrete. In some cases use water reducer to hold flowability and water-cement ratio constant and reduce water content in mixture and the additional quantity of cement. BC17 is capable to reduce water consumption and delay concrete setting time. It is also suitable for attaining higher initial strength at early ages and making very high strength concrete.

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Field of Application

 Concreting in reinforced and non-reinforced structures,
Concreting in hot weather,
Producing flowable concrete,
Large volume placement,
Increasing workability and formability,
Concreting with long distance delivery,
Improving pumpage,
Producing highly strength concrete

Properties and Effects

 Improving workability and increasing final strength,
Delaying concrete curing and increasing setting time,
Extending the initial setting time which affects the accelerating effects at high temperature,
Increasing integrity of concrete and reducing aggregate tendency to segregation,
Reducing water- cement ratio,
Increasing slump,
Reducing the shrinkage and permeability of concrete,
Ease of pumpage,
Reducing the consumption of condensation energy,
Improving surface finish on architectural pieces,
Compatible with all kinds of Portland cement except anti sulfate Portland cement


Depending on the required strength, workability and setting time use BC17 up to 1.5% of cement weight

Instruction for use

To achieve optimal result, after mixing ingredients add BC17 to the mixture and continue mixing for 2 minutes. Never add the product to dry materials. After adding 50 to 80 percent of water to the mixture, add BC17. Because workability in concrete containing superplasticizer reduces rapidly, it is recommended to use the product in place.

Technical Data

 Color: Brown
Physical state: Liquid
Solubility: In water
Density: 1.10 gr/cm3
PH: Approx. 7
Chloride: Nill


 Storage: In capped container protected against air and frost,
Shelf life: 1 year in original package,
Packaging: 20 and 220 Kg containers.

Technical observation and application

 In case of wrong mixture, concrete will have liar setting.
The optimal dosage rate may be obtained by trial mixes,
Mixtures containing BC17, specially concrete with slump higher than 70 mm, should
not vibrate too much otherwise lead to bleeding and aggregate segregating,
The overuse of the product delays initial and final setting and leads to concrete bleeding and
increasing aggregate tendency to segregation,
When simultaneous use of several admixtures in concrete mix is required, consult Research
Center of Beton Chimie.

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