Special Fixing Adhesive Tile (Powder) BC50


BC50 is used to fix stoneware, stones, Styrofoam sheets, gypsum, wood, bricks and mosaics on all types of base surfaces, and to fix tiles on tiles. The use of this product for achieving to high bond strength is possible.

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Field of Application

Fixing all types of tiles, stoneware, stones, mosaics, Styrofoam sheets, etc… on various surfaces,
Fixing tiles on tiles,
Fixing various types of coatings on concrete, stone, cement, gypsum, colored surfaces,
Usable for surfaces exposed to direct water and moisture.

Properties and Effects

Mixing with water, It produces an elastic and homogeneous paste,
After concrete setting, remaining stable against cold and hot whether,
After drying up, it is impermeable to water and moisture and preserves its adhesiveness,
Not having a short setting time, consequently parts may be displaced a few minutes after fixing,
It can be applied easily and fast,
Very high bond strength.


According to the quantity of pore and ruggedness of the surface, and the grooves on the back of the tiles, use approximately 1 to 2 Kg of BC50 per square meter.

Instruction for use

a) Base preparation
The base surface must be clean, dry and free from oil, dirt and dust. In cases the base surface has been already coated with wallpaper, the old coating should be removed before applying. Similarly, if the old base has been prepared by using bitumen, lining, asphalt or gypsum, the base should be prepared by using BC72.
In cases, the unevenness of the surface exceeds 5mm, it is recommended to use BC90 (self-leveling) on horizontal surfaces and BC68 (repairing compound) on vertical surfaces. The base surface that is rendered by gypsum or soil and gypsum less than 8mm thickness, is not suitable for this product.
b) Application
First, the powder shall be mixed with water at the rate of 30 to 40% by weight of BC50 and stir well to obtain an even and homogeneous paste (approximately 7.5 to 10 liters water is required per 25 kg bags). To make a better mix use Beton Chimie mixer. The prepared paste must be allowed to elapse for 15 minutes then stir once more and use.
Apply the paste on the surface at 5mm thickness then chase the surface by using an indented pallet knife, forming 5mm deep teeth.
Surfaces exposed to direct water and moisture, the entire tile or stoneware surface should be soaked in the paste. In this case, the drying time will be longer,
Every tile shall be placed on its original site with a gyratory movement then pressed and fixed by percussion,
Remove a newly fixed tile and examine the amount of the adhesive paste touching the tile. If the back surface of the tile be soaked in the paste by less than 65%, the pallet knife’s teeth should be made deeper,
The tile-work should be affected not later than 20 minutes after applying the adhesive paste on the wall,
The prepared mortar should be used within 2 hours,
After mixing with water, the paste should be used within 30 minutes.

Technical data

Color: Gray
Physical state: Powder
Density: 1.02 g/cm3
PH: Approx. 11
Solubility: In water

Reference standard

ASTM C 482
DIN EN1324
DIN EN 134
BS 5980

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