Super Plasticizer Accelerating Admixture BC18

BC18 is a high-range water reducer. This admixture superplasticizer increases slump and workability of concrete. It reduces the ratio of water to cement and increases setting time that results in increasing strength.
Reducing the construction time and curing period, the product results in lower expenses in operation and maintenance.

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Field of Application

Repairing and renewing where short setting time needed,
Concreting in cold weather condition, preventing from concrete freezing
Concrete pumping with least depreciation
Achieving maximum performance in highly flat structures and concrete structures with small area,
Performing precast, foundations, ceilings, partitions, roads and landing fields surfaces, and different kinds of repairs,
Concreting with slide casts,
Producing concrete with higher strength using less water content in constant workability,
Minimizing segregation in high slump and workable concrete mixes,
Significant labor savings in placement of concrete,
Accelerating setting time of concrete.

Properties and Effects

Improving workability and flowability with no strength reduction,
Achieving high initial strength, and short setting time,
Reducing water content in constant flowability at least 12% to achieve to higher compressive strength concrete and increase density leading to reduction of permeability against water and corrosive chemicals,
Reducing shrinkage, bleeding, and crack formation,
Reducing cast opening and loading time,
Superior finishing characteristics for surface,
Compatible with all kinds of Portland cement.


The exact dosage rate should be determined according to workability, flowability, strength, weather temperature and mix design of parameters. The dosage could be 0.5 to 1.5 percent by weight of cement. The exact dosage rate may be obtained by trial mixes.

Instruction for use

BC18 can be added to the concrete mix at the job site. It is recommended that with adding the last batch water; introduce the accelerating superplasticizer into the concrete. The concrete containing this admixture should be mixed for 2 minutes prior to discharge.

Physical and chemical data

Color : Green
Physical state: Liquid
Density: 1.1 g/cm3
PH: Approx. 10
Solubility: In water
Chloride: Nill


Storage condition: In capped container protected against air and humidity
Shelf life: 1 year in original package
Packaging: In 20 and 220 Kg containers

Technical observation and application data

When it is required to use several admixtures in concrete mix simultaneously, consult the Research Center of Beton Chimie
Each admixture should be added separately
Never add BC18 to dry component of concrete

Reference Standards

(ASTM C 494 (type E
ASTM C 1017

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