Surface Waterproofing BC51

BC51 is a kind of coat to protect the building surface against rain and dust. The product increases surface resistance to atmospheric gases and water without changing the color and appearance of the building

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Field of Application

 Suitable coating on all kinds of concrete surface and construction materials,
Compatible with stone, concrete, brick, cement and gypsum subfloors,
Protecting surfaces and views of historic buildings,
Colorless and washable coating on all kinds of surface

Properties and Effects

 Resistant to water and moisture,
Impermeable to atmospheric gases and humidity,
Highly durable and workable,
BC51 protects surface paint


Based on the kind of surface and its absorption ability, 100 to 200 grams of BC51 will cover one square meter

Instruction for use

 The base surface should be dry and free from dirt and dust
Use pistol, paintbrush or roller to cover the surface with BC51. Use thinner to clean the mistare areas prior to drying

Technical data

 Color: Colorless
Physical state: Liquid
Density: 0.78 g/cm3
PH: Approx. 6
Solubility: In organic solvents
Chloride: Nill
Viscosity: 41 seconds, by Ford Cup No. 2


 Storage: In capped container protected against air, humidity and heat,
Shelf life: 1 year in original package,
Packaging: 4-liter containers

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