What is microsilica gel?

Microsilica gel is a type of concrete additive developed and the product includes concrete superplasticizer and microsilica powder and water repellent polymer concrete additives, also known as fibrous microsilica, which with a high degree of strength causes Relative increase in compressive strength, flexural and tensile strength, longer life and durability, significant impermeability compared to ordinary concrete and higher slip in order to produce and produce impermeable concrete is desirable and abundant. During the mixing process, microsilica gel covers the empty spaces and pores and reduces the permeability of concrete significantly. Microsilica gel is a good alternative to many types of concrete admixtures, including lubricants, superplasticizers and sealants, and so on. In the final reaction, microsilica gel improves the properties of your concrete by absorbing free lime and converting it to calcium silicate with effective efficiency.

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