Non-shrinkage Cement Base Grout BC1

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BC1 is used for injecting and filling small pores and cavities. After setting and hardening, the product has a controlled expansion to compensate contraction of plastic

  • Filling pores, gaps and limited and free joints,
  • Preparation of steel bases, stanchion , base plates and heavy machinery foundation,
  • Filling pores, gaps and cavities of concrete elements to increase load strength
  • machinery foundation,
  • Duct of post-tensioned concrete members,
  • Injecting connections of precast concrete structures,
  • Providing mortar with no shrinkage,
  • Usable for grout,
  • Installation of screws and bars and injection operation.

having a controlled expansion to compensate contractions due to concrete drying,
High initial and final strength,
Resistance to impact and vibration,
Having suitable workability and flow ability,
Protecting the bars against corrosion,
Ease of use,
Fast exploiting the structure,
Strong connection to steel and concrete,
An adjustable density by using water,

According to the required strength and workability and ambient temperature, add 150 to 200 cm3 of water to per kilogram of Grout powder. To apply one square meter of Grout with 1 cm thickness, approximately 23.5 kg of Grout powder is required

a) Base preparation
The base surface should be completely clean and free from oil, dirt and any useless substance and material. Before applying Grout, dampen the targeted surface not to absorb the Grout water
b) consumption
First, pour the suitable amount of water into the mixer. Then add Grout powder slowly. The mix will be ready after 5 minutes in mechanical mixer. To make a better mix use Beton Chimie mixer. Apply the ready Grout immediately after preparation and before its workability reduces. The maximum allowed thickness of mortar is 75 mm. Mortar must be rendered at least at a height of 15 centimeters continuously. Note the mortar should not have air bubbles
c) maintenance
After initial setting, dampen surfaces without protection by using water or steam. Note not to remain water on wide surfaces. The ambient temperature for using Grout should be at least 10 °C. Water the surface two or three days after initial setting and continue the process regarding the ambient temperature

Color: Gray
Physical state: Powder
Powder density: 1.30 g/cm3
Paste density: 2.35 g/cm3
Dried Grout density: 2.2 g/cm3
Solubility:In water
PH: Approx. 11
Chloride: Nill

Storage: In a dry and covered place,
Shelf life: 6 months in original package,
Packaging: 25 Kg bags

 Before use, regarding the required workability and strength determine the suitable amount of water for per Kg of BC1 through trial mixes
Grouting operation should be done from one side to avoid air or extra grout water entrapping
Have good consideration to the maintenance and curing condition
The prepared grout should be used by 20 minutes
Grout surface cracking is due to losing surface water, so continue surface watering two or three Days

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