Epoxy Based Mortar BC47

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BC47 is a highly appropriate product for preparing a resistant coat on heavy traffic areas and in corrosive chemical ambiences. The resistance of the product to corrosive chemicals and temperature fluctuations in various loadings makes it unique in performance and characteristics

Formation of a protective coat on concrete surface to make it resistant to chemicals material and chemical solvents,
Formation of an anti-acidic and anti-alkaline coat,
Waterproofing concrete surfaces,
Paving floors of plants,
Usable for hydraulic and marine structures such as jetties, dams, piles,
Formation of non-slip coat with mineral components for passages,
Filling uneven and rugged surfaces,
Flattening surfaces,
Repairing and filling cracks, breaks and flaws on surface,
Setting bolts inside the old and hardened concrete

Resistant to all types of chemicals and chemical solvents and acidic and alkaline agents,
Resistant to temperature fluctuations,
No shrinkage and cracking,
Increasing the bond strength of mortar and concrete,
High tensile, compressive and bending strengths,
Impermeable to water and chemical solutions,
Low coefficient of thermal expansion,
Very high bond strength

Depending on the thickness of required coating and the ambient conditions, use 1650 grams of BC47 per square meter with 1 mm thickness

a) Base preparation
The base surface should be completely clean, dry and free from oil and dirt
Repairing new concrete surfaces shall be performed at least 28 days after concreting,
The old concrete surfaces first should be cleaned and prepared by mechanical methods,
First prepare small bases by chemical methods then wash,
b) Surface preparation
All bases should be prepared by using BC52 . Too spongy surfaces must be prepared in two phases to reduce dosage rate of BC47 and operation costs. If the base surfaces are too spongy, use other methods for making them prepare. In such cases, consult the Research Center of Beton Chimie. If using BC52, the solvent shall evaporate completely then apply the coat

c) Mixing
The true mixing of this product is very important. To make a better mix use Beton Chimie mixer. First put BC47 in the mixer then add hardener and mix well for 2 to 3 minutes. Use the prepared mortar before concrete setting
d) Application
Apply the mortar by using trowel,
Note: to maintain equipment and tools, clean them with solvents immediately after use and prior to the mortar dries on

Color: Gray
Density: 1.65 g/cm3
Setting time: above 20°C for 1 to 4 hours
Solubility: In epoxy
Chloride: Nill

  • Storage: In capped container protected against air and frost,
  • Shelf life: 6 months in original package,
  • Packaging: 5 and 20 Kg containers.

Clean your hands and tools by using Beton Chimie 153S,
In cold weather, heat Epoxy solvent to 50° C before use,
Thickness of up to 5 mm is allowed. To increase the thickness of layers apply the mortar in several phases. The mortar must be allowed to elapse for 3 to 4 hours before beginning every phase

ASTM C 882

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