Two-Compound Joint Sealant Mastic BC56

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BC56 is produced based on Epoxy. After hardening, the product is flexible against partial deformations due to temperature changes and also is resistance to water and chemical agents and keeps its properties

Suitable for sealing and filling joints and cracks,
Suitable for Joining and filling the gaps and seams around doors and windows and other components of building in contact with concrete, stone, brick, mosaic and normal building materials,
Suitable for sealing and providing impermeable surface cracks due to ambient temperature changes

Resistance to water and moisture,
Having high thermal resistance (up to +400°C and – 40°C),
Resistance to acid, alkaline and chemicals,
Having high mechanical, compressive, tensile and bending strength,
Having high bond strength to concrete and base structures,
No shrinkage but very rigid,
Resistance to vibration, impacts resulting from objects passing through.

Use approximately 1.95 gr of BC56 per cubic meter

The base surface should be completely dry and free from dirt and oil. To prepare base, use BC52. Use Beton Chimie mixer to mix two compounds of BC56 well. Pour content of the smaller cans into the larger one and mix well for 2 to 3 minutes. After drying primer around the gap, cover joints with tape then coat the paste on surfaces. Spread the paste evenly to make a smooth surface. Before drying the paste, detach tape from joints around

Color: Gray
Density: 1.95 g/cm3
PH: Approx. 7
Chloride: Nill
PH: Approx. 6

Storage: in capped container protected against air and frost,
Shelf life: 1 year in original package,
Packaging: 5 and 20 Kg containers

  •  The ambient temperature for use should be 5 – 40°C,
  • According to the size of joints, cracks and gaps determine required dosage

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