Epoxy Primer BC52

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BC52 is used as a primer for preparing concrete and metal surfaces compatible with Epoxy coating. It is a two-compound product based on Epoxy resin

  • Preparing resistant base in corrosive chemical, alkaline and humid ambient,
  • Preparing surfaces that are exfoliated or efflorescent by moisture,
  • Preparing surfaces to apply resin coats,
  • Increasing impermeability,

Preparing impermeable and resistant surfaces to chemical solvents, alkaline, acid, humid and water,
No shrinkage,
Stable to ambient temperature,
Resistant to crack as a result of minor deformations,
Low coefficient of thermal expansion,
Increasing the speed of operation and reducing costs,
Highly adhesive to concrete, stone, wood

(According to the quantity and size of porosity, use approximately 100 to 150 gr of BC52 per meter with 100 to 150 micron thickness (depending on porosity of based surface

a) Base preparation
The base surface should be completely clean, dry and free from oil and dirt,
Roughen even base surfaces,
In the case of newly concreted surfaces, the repair operation or coating with BC52 should be made at least 28 days after concreting,
To reduce costs and the consumption of BC52, porous surfaces need to be prepared in two phases. In the case of using primer, first solvent’s must evaporate then apply coat
b) Mixing
Add components in hardener container to BC52 and mix well for 2 to 3 minutes,
c) Application
BC52 can be applied on surfaces using a pistol, brush or roller.

Note: after mixing, apply primer within a maximum period of 30 minutes.

  • Color: Colorless
  • Density: 0.88 gr/cm3
  • Viscosity: 41 sec
  • PH: Approx. 6

Storage: In capped container, protected against heat and direct flame and sunlight,
Shelf life: 1 year in original package,
Packaging: In 4-liter containers

Because the product is incendiary, do not close it to eyes and mouth during the application,
Because the reaction of two-compound is exothermic, the ambient temperature increases the speed of drying process,
Use solvent to clean all the equipment and tools before primer dries up,
Mix the appropriate quantity of compounds to be used within 30 minutes,
Never use solvent for diluting BC52,
For more information, consult Research Center of Beton Chimie

ASTM D3322

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